More Art!

Here are some more paintings I’ve done:





Well, Back To Art

Unfortunately, my writing adventure pooped out after 3 days. I’m back to making art. Here are some of my latest pieces:

Brown and CopperBrown and YellowCrossHockeySwooshPlanetNeat, huh? I’m still on this art kick, and I will be for a while, I think. Thanks for looking!


Camp, Day 3

I’m tired tonight so I’ll keep this short. I wasn’t in the mood really to write, so I set myself a goal of 500 words to keep from getting too far behind. I ended up with nearly 1,100! I’m at 3,118 words so far! See you tomorrow, Camp fans!


Camp, Day 2

So, I wrote again today after suffering some bad resistance. That’s my enemy – resistance. I want to write, but I don’t want to write. It’s weird. I fought my way through resistance by just powering through, silencing the doubter in my mind and just going for it. I felt so much better afterward. I even made up a faux book cover for my story. It’s a work in progress, with a fake title, but it is too cool not to share:

Centaur EpicAwesome art, right?

My official word count for today is 2,020.

See you tomorrow!


Camp, Day 1

As promised, I am here with a Camp NaNoWriMo update. Day 1 went extremely well. I got my word count for the day, 1004 words. My story is starting out like an episode of Xena, Warrior Princess. LOL. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I love Xena.

My main character Leonidas got into some serious trouble today. But, he’s supposed to, right? Right. Liking the story so far.

Keep it here for updates as I go.


Tomorrow – It Begins Anew

Tomorrow I begin yet another writing-a-novel-in-a-month experiment. I’ll try to remember to post my daily word counts here. I’ve completely changed my mind on the project as well. I started out with an idea I’ve spent the last month or so developing for this month’s marathon. But, by now I’m so totally bored with it that I came up with a new idea this morning.

This idea is about centaurs. Yep. Centaurs. And the movie ‘300’, and Hamlet. Whoa, you’re saying. Come again? It’ll all make sense, sort of, when I finish the story. I hope. If not, at least I’ll have more fun than I would have beating the other horse I was flogging.

Anyway, wish me luck. I’ll try to keep you in the loop.


Where Have You Been???

People who follow my blog probably wonder this all the time. I just checked and it’s been over 2 months since I last posted here. So, where have I been? I’ve been on an art kick. I’ve been doing different art projects, learning collage and assembledge art. Making mummies. Yes, you read that right, making mummies! I turned regular old Barbie dolls into mummies. Here’s a pic:

017Cool, huh?

I’ve been doing that as well as collages. And, not a little bit of wallowing in the creative doldrums. Will I ever get back to Zentangle? I don’t know at this point. I’ve been too busy working on my new book. Yep, I’m writing again, finally. It’s going to be an interesting book, to say the least. I’m keeping the details to myself, except for the title: ‘ElfHammer’. I’m going to be doing Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in July to pound out my first draft.

Speaking of books, long time followers know that I’ve published 3 books on Amazon Kindle. Well, I checked my very first book, ‘The Unknowable’, today and saw that I got 2 great reviews on it! Yay! I’m thrilled, and I’m encouraged to keep writing.

So, I don’t know when I’ll get back to this blog. I nearly forgot that I had one! But, I’ll try now that I’m writing again. I’ll keep you in the loop with my writing and publishing adventures. And, I can say that I may (fingers crossed) be publishing a collection of poetry some time in the near future. As soon as I get this one poem rewritten and in fighting shape.

So stick with me, and join me for the ride.


What’s Inspiring Me This Week – Zentangle

Zentangle is an art form that uses repeating patterns called tangles to make works of abstract art. I’ve been doing it for 4 days now, and I must ¬†admit that I love this! I have little real artistic talent, but even I can make interesting patterns and pieces of art! Here’s a tile from each of my first 4 days of tangling.

Zentangle Day 1Zentangle Day 2

Zentangle Day 3

Zentangle Day 4

Sorry if the first and last one appear a bit blurry. I’m still getting used to my camera.