Happy Veterans Day!


veteransdayAs the proud daughter of 2 Veterans, I thank you all for your service!


Well, Back to Writing

Step one of any publishing adventure is to have something to publish. With that in mind, I’ve decided to publish a short ‘chapbook’ or collection of poetry on Kindle early next year. I have 10 poems that have been critiqued and need revision for my collection I’m calling ‘Ordinary Horrors’. It’s about things in life that try to strike you down. Or, something like that. I’ll have to think about what that title means to me more before I write the selling description for my ebook.

I’ll need at least 10 more poems to make a decent chapbook. So, I’ve decided to do Writer’s Digest’s Poem A Day Challenge in November instead of trying (and failing) to do NaNoWriMo again. It’s on the Writer’s Digest website and all you do is get a prompt every day and write a poem from it. They recommend you have a theme for the month and try to make your daily poems match that theme. I do have a theme, so I’m ready to go.

I’ve even been writing a poem a day since the beginning of October, to get myself in the mode of writing poems. I call it my One Bad Poem A Day practice. They’re mainly what’s been going on in my life at the moment, but hey, I write nearly every day. I’ve only missed one day so far. My poetic muscles are stretching, getting ready for the challenge.

Wish me luck, and hopefully I’ll post here about my further adventures.

Well, Back To Art

Unfortunately, my writing adventure pooped out after 3 days. I’m back to making art. Here are some of my latest pieces:

Brown and CopperBrown and YellowCrossHockeySwooshPlanetNeat, huh? I’m still on this art kick, and I will be for a while, I think. Thanks for looking!

Camp, Day 3

I’m tired tonight so I’ll keep this short. I wasn’t in the mood really to write, so I set myself a goal of 500 words to keep from getting too far behind. I ended up with nearly 1,100! I’m at 3,118 words so far! See you tomorrow, Camp fans!